CLEHR Network
01-Oct-2022 8:30 AM EST



CLEHR is a repository of health and environmental information that can be searched by key subjects. It provides you with information that can be viewed in pdf, graphic, audio and video formats. Sign in and watch pre-recorded or live webinars on subjects that pertain to "you". Chat or VideoChat with organizations who might be able to help you with your needs.

Participants in the network include relative health care, environmental and nonprofits with the ability to assist and guide you. They are all in one place and ready to help you solve issues regarding lungs, environment, health, and radon!



COLLABORATION on Pathways to Prevention

A resource for citizens who are looking for information about Lung Cancer, Environmental issues, Health concerns, Radon gas and other contaminants.

Do you need answers to some key questions, but don't have time to search the entire internet?
Get the latest research and educational information that is already vetted and been through scientific review.

Need to get some answers as to what to do? Then it's clear! ... you need the C.L.E.H.R. network [pronounced "clear"]. Stands for Citizens, Lungs, Environment, Health and Radon.

Ask the CLEHR network of professionals who will help you widen your pathway to effective resolution.




Frequently Asked Questions

  • Get information from organizations and companies from around the world
  • Watch educational videos on-demand in the virtual auditorium
  • Chat, video chat, and call representatives network representing their organization
  • Interact live with CLEHR participants
  • Download resources from booths to your virtual bag to access later
NO. You do not need to download or install any software to participate in our conference. You only need to have access to the Internet
Yes, you will need to register (only your email is required) to enjoy all of the CLEHR Network Virtual features.